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Web Hosting FAQs

Q1: What's the best web site creation program?


There are several very good html editing programs you can use to design, edit and publish (upload) your web site. We recommend:

PC Web Site Programs
Microsoft® FrontPage®
Adobe Go Live
Netscape Composer
Macromedia HomeSite

Mac Web Site Programs
Adobe Go Live
Net Objects Fusion
Adobe Dreamweaver
Netscape Composer

Free PC Web Site Programs
Netscape Composer

Q2: What should my home page name be?


Your home page can be named any one of the following:

  • index.html
  • index.htm
  • default.html
  • default.htm
  • welcome.html
  • welcome.htm
  • home.html
  • home.htm
  • index.shtml
  • index.cgi

By default, the server will look for and display the first of these pages it finds when someone simply enters either or So if you have a web page called index.html in your main directory as well as a page named home.html, the index.html page is the one which will automatically be displayed by default. Also, your home page MUST use lower case letters, as in the examples above.


Q3: How do I use my cgi and perl scripts?


Upload your cgi and perl scripts to your private cgi-bin directory in your domain. A couple things to remember with cgi scripts:

  1. upload your scripts as ASCII format (not binary)
  2. use your FTP program to change mode on your script to make it executable (chmod 755).

Q4: How do I upload files to my web site?


The cPanel FILE MANAGER allows you to modify the files and contents of files that are part of your website. The FILE MANAGER allows point and click uploading, editing, copying, and more. If you need access to the files that make up your website, you will need to use the FILE MANAGER. See the step-by-step instructions.

Q5: Do I have to dial-up to Net Atlantic to upload my web pages?


No. You can connect to the Internet anywhere (such as with a local Internet service provider, cable modem provider, DSL service, etc.) and then upload your web page files and graphics once connected. There are no long distance telephone charges. Connect to the net locally, and host your web site globally. Net Atlantic hosts web sites for clients throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Q6: When I publish with Front Page, I get the error message "The server you are publishing to does not have the FrontPage Server Extensionsinstalled". What should I do now?


Click cancel and then go to File and then Publish Web... then type in Then click publish. If you get that same error again, click cancel and then go to File and then Publish Web... then type in Then click publish.; If you still get this error, please contact Support.

Q7: When I publish with Front Page, I get the error message "Server error: ..." Am I doing something wrong?


No, this error is sometimes caused when your traffic reports are created by the server. This can be fixed by sending an email to Support. We will fix this immediately.

Q8: Can I use any version of Microsoft Front Page?


Yes. To publish your site directly from the FrontPage, you need to install FrontPage Extensions.

  1. To access Frontpage Extensions, click on the icon above the words Frontpage Extensions on the main screen of your cPanel interface.
  2. To install FrontPage Extensions, click on Install Extensions.

NOTE: The following will appear (except will be the name of your domain, and user will be your username):

Attempting to install FrontPage extensions...
Starting install, port: 80.
Creating web
Chowning Content in service /.
Install completed.
Starting chown, port: 80, web: "/".
DocumentRoot: "/home/user/public_html"
Setting Password
Frontpage passthough auth enabled!
FrontPage extensions are currently: installed

Q9: Using a FrontPage form, how can I have the form send me email instead of writing to a text file?


By default, Front Page processes web form submissions by writing the information to a text file located in your web directory. However, most people prefer that information filled out in forms be sent to them by email. Here's how:

Right click on one of your text boxes and select Form Properties. Erase private/form_results.txt from the File name: box. Then put your email address in the box labeled Email address:. Then click ok. That's it.

Q10: How to create a new email account?


You have the ability to add extra email accounts to your main account. The number of email accounts you have is controlled by your web host and shown on the main screen of your cPanel interface.

NOTE: If you need the ability to add more email accounts, you will need to contact your web host as only they can provide you with this ability.

  1. To access the Mail Menu, click on the icon above the word Mail on the main screen of your cPanel interface.
  2. Click on the words Add/Remove Accounts to enter MAIL ACCOUNT MAINTENANCE.
  3. Click on the words Add Account.
  4. Enter the name of the account, the account's password, and the account's quota (amount of disk space the account can use) in their respective blank fields. In the following picture, sample information has been inputted.
  5. Click on the button labelled create to create the account.

NOTE: If the account was created successfully, the following will appear (except it will contain the information you provided in the blank fields rather than the information provided above):

Account Created

The e-mail account with the login and password test with a quota of 10 megs was successfully created.

Q11: How to include your domain name in your email address?


If you are using any good email program like Microsoft Outlook and others, you can change the settings on your email program so mail is sent from (note: you cannot change your mail from or reply to settings on AOL).

There are many reasons to change the settings on your email program to your own domain name, but here are a few:

  • people see your domain name in your email address
  • as long as you keep your domain name, you will never have to change your email address again
  • you are promoting your own company, rather than your ISP
  • you can change your ISP as much as you want, and you can still use your same email address with your domain name

Here are some general guidelines on changing your email address from, for example, to

Select Tools | Accounts | Mail (tab)

Either click the Properties button to edit your existing email address and reply address or click the Add button to add your email information in the email address and reply address.

Q12: How long does it take to set up a new account?


Usually 4 - 6 hours. New domain names and domain transfers normally take 24 hours to propagate through the Internet.

Q13: Do you host International Domain Names?


Yes! For no additional cost, Net Atlantic can host country code domains such as .cc, .to., .ac, .md, and many more. See International Domain Names for more information.