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  • Expert HDI-Certified Technical Support
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  • Super-Dependable Network Uptime - 99.5+%
  • Tier 4 World Class data centers
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Welcome to Net Atlantic

Atlantic Webhost offers reliable, honest plans that do not mislead customers. We do not use terms like “unlimited” or exaggerate features because we prefer that our customers understand the truth about Web hosting, and know the real value in what they purchase.

Truth #1: “Unlimited bandwidth” and “unlimited disk space” are myths. Bandwidth and disk space ultimately have a finite limit. According to most developers, 5GB of disk space and 100GB of bandwidth are plenty for larger Web sites, and many sites use far less. So, even if “unlimited” did exist, Web sites don’t require it. The best approach is to buy what you need.

Truth #2: Any uptimes within the high 90th percentile offer the same basic value. Most Web hosting companies boast uptimes of 99.5% or 99.9%. A .4 differential sounds better but in reality it doesn’t visibly improve performance. Where uptimes are concerned, most companies are comparable and fall in the upper 90th percentile.

Truth #3: Shared servers are a reliable option. Shared servers host several sites at once, leading some consumers to believe that maintenance and uptime will be slower as a result. Many hosting companies successfully use shared servers as they are a good, affordable solution for smaller businesses. Larger companies with growing sites often prefer a dedicated server. A dedicated server allows for personalization like controlling the network, adding data applications, and customizing the server and hardware. Choose the server that works for you.