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Atlantic Webhost gives you the best combination of performance, customer service, and price.


100% USA technical support by phone, email, or live chat.


What makes Atlantic Webhost so good?


Our WordPress, cPanel Web Hosting, and Fantasitico web scripts
include many features to help make it easy
for you to create and maintain your web site

Expert WordPress Web Hosting
cPanel Access and Control
Fantastico Web Scripts
US-based technical support by phone, email, and live chat
Expert HDI-Certified Technical Support
Super-Dependable Network Uptime - 99.5+%
Tier 4 World Class data centers
All Dell Web Hosting Servers
Ultimate Redundancy Architecture


Web Hosting
Truth #1

“Unlimited bandwidth” and “unlimited disk space” are myths.
Bandwidth and disk space ultimately have a finite limit. According to most developers, 5GB of disk space and 100GB of bandwidth are plenty for larger Web sites, and many sites use far less. So, even if “unlimited” did exist, Web sites don’t require it. The best approach is to buy what you need.


Web Hosting
Truth #2

Any uptimes within the high 90th percentile offer the same basic value.
Most Web hosting companies boast uptimes of 99.5% or 99.9%. A .4 differential sounds better but in reality it doesn’t visibly improve performance. Where uptimes are concerned, most companies are comparable and fall in the upper 90th percentile.


Web Hosting
Truth #3

Shared servers are a reliable option.
Shared servers host several sites at once, leading some consumers to believe that maintenance and uptime will be slower as a result. Many hosting companies successfully use shared servers as they are a good, affordable solution for smaller businesses. Larger companies with growing sites often prefer a dedicated server.

The Features You Need to Succeed Online


99.9% Uptime

Because your web site needs to work for you 24/7

  • Tier-4 data centers
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • Secure
  • Redundant power

WordPress Hosting

Because WordPress is the #1 Web Site Building tool!

  • Support for all WordPress themes
  • Built-in blog capability
  • Thousands of plug-ins available
  • Manage your web site from any computer

Fantastico and cPanel

Because Fantastico web scripts and the cPanel web control panel give you a powerful combination of tools and scripts that help you better optimize and manage your web hosting account

  • Includes choice of three shopping carts
  • Supports multiple Content Management (CMS) systems
  • Includes MySQL, PHP, Perl, CGI, more
  • CubeCart, ZenCart, OS Commerce

100% USA Technical Support

Our technical support teams and customer service teams are 100% USA based and available by phone, email, and live chat. We're glad to help you and help you achieve your goals with your web site.

  • 100% USA technical support and customer service
  • Phone support, email support, live chat support
  • Experts in all things web, email, internet, more
  • Fast response times

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